Thursday, 30 July 2020

THANK YOU CARD - Pista shells

Gratitude is one of the most amazing personality trait, I strongly believe which makes a long beautiful relationship among people. Receiving or returning kindness always gives a pleasant feel. Every moment or every person we meet in our life will give us a learning or will impact or influence us. 

I am grateful to......
  •  all the key workers who helped us to stay safe and calm fighting all the odds during this pandemic to make our life more comfortable and stable. 
  • Teachers and all the school staff, who were all working during these hard times handling Online Classes, sharing home learning packs, weekly phone conversations with their students to ensure the children are safe and comfortable, enquiring about the basic needs of the family and their support for meeting our needs. Children were prepared psychologically comfortable to face this situation and keeping them in track of their missed classes and lessons.
  • The Almighty for giving us good health, strength and courage to handle such tough situations and protecting the world.

A token of Gratitude for NHS staff, we created this beautiful Rainbow - Symbol of God's Mercy. T

To spread a positive message, we created this pinwheel

My 9 year old surprised us with this cute, Thank you card for his teacher, Ms. Predeth for all the support and guidance. Proud moment as parents, looking at his kindness for his teacher.

Thank you cards are always very special. It shows heartfelt love for us . It's really a proud moment for us, making us feel that I have somewhere helped a person,in a way which made them in turn to show their love. 

Let's always make our turn to thank people , especially our teachers, who plays an important role in our life, making it more valuable.

Today, we are sharing a thank you card made by my 9 year old for his teacher.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Wordless Wednesday - A Stand alone guide.

Enjoying summer breeze under this stand alone majestic tree is a different feel. Marking a landmark in the walking path, you are always in our sight. 

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Thursday, 16 July 2020

Wordless Wednesday - Blooms

I adore leisure walks especially during Spring and Summer season. It always gives me a happy refreshing feel on seeing the colourful blooms all along the walking path.

Smiling flowers, fresh green trees and plants, gentle breeze ..what else is expected more to make you feel relaxed and cheerful.

Caught sight of this bloom in three phases, green buds 

White flower buds

White cute flowers

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Sunday, 12 July 2020

FACT FILE - Importance of Précis Writing in Children

Fact file is an interesting activity for children. It helps to learn the facts about the things chosen. My son had to prepare fact file about any one of extinct animals in Ice Age. 
I personally consider this activity as one of the child's cognitive development activity. They get opportunity to read more resources, collect the information and then precise facts from the gathered information. 

A precis is a summary. Precis writing is an exercise in compression. Explaining the whole information in as few words as possible giving all essential facts. 

By this practice of writing, children learn quickly and able to speak or write only the important piece of information to be shared rather than an elaborated statements.

We can practise our children with précis writing method while learning and it's an easy way to quickly revise the concepts or understand in a better way.

Happy Parenting !!

TOMATO CAT - Fun in the kitchen

Here comes an interesting edible craft for Children to enjoy and play. Most of the children of the age 3-6 years would love to play with fruits and vegetables, cooking kitchen set.

This is a simple quick craft created to teach my daughter for a vegetable fun activity in her school.

Things Required:

Tomatoes - 2
Red chillies - 2
Tooth picks -1
Black pepper -2
Coconut fibres -3
Dried Turkey berry  - 1


1) Hold the tomatoes together using the tooth pick.

2) Fix peppercorns for the eyes.

3) Cut the edge of chillies and fit the ears.

4) Fix Nose and  whiskers using Dried Turkey berry and coconut fibres.

5) Fix the tail using long dried red chilli.

Tomato Cat is ready to play with.

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Thursday, 9 July 2020


Looking at these five different trees together guarding an elderly care home defines me of a divine relationship.

I relate these trees to all the carers who takes care of them. They are truly 'Guardian Angels'.

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Wordless Wednesday

Am an admirer of Rain, love the smell of Petrichor. Rain will hailstones, still an amazing sight. 

Today, I am sharing the images of hailstone rainfall for #Wordless Wednesday. in Natasha's Musings, and 'Corners of my world' by Betty, Happy to be a part of Wordless Wednesday.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020


Today, I am sharing Sunflower drawing by my younger one, inspired by the Sunflower painting of Vincent Van Gogh.

He re-created the drawing as an art challenge activity. Observe the paintings of the artist and draw them as from your memory without re-looking into the original drawing.

This was an activity for Child's observational and memory skills. He truly accepted and enjoyed this activity.

As a parent and a counsellor, these kinds of activities will enhance the child's memory skills. It improves Observational and Concentration skills.

This is the Original painting .

Thursday, 2 July 2020

PENQUIN - A bird of Admiration and Adoration

Penquin - definitely a bird of Admiration and Adoration. 

Who wouldn't love to watch this bird in your near vicinity. 'I wish to see Penquins' would be one among the wish-to-see list of many of us. Yes, definitely, it was in my wish to see list.

A dream come true, watched these penguins in a Birdland park. Again, it was an awestuck moment with cheerful tears rolling down. 

Hurray ! Penquins !!! I saw them and excited to feed them. These words were repeatedly whispered to my hubby as I was standing in the queue to feed them. 

Of course, with tears and racing heartbeats, it was a pleasant pleasure. 

Look how they are sleeping in a standing position, amazing to watch them.

They sleep with their feets raised up. Puzzled to see it - how they could stand steady while sleeping ...God's creation.

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