Saturday, 12 February 2011


My daughter loves to have smiley balls or key chain.Yesterday, i gave her a smiley key chain . She wished to have a smiley doll . So , we finally tried our best to make it appealing .


1) Crepe papers and Tissue Paper .
2) Glue
3) Smiley key chain.
4) Paper cup.


1) Glue crepe papers of your choice colours to the cup to make a dress for smiley .

2) Take a waste thick paper . Trace out the bottom circle shape of the cup in it . Then , draw a oval shape around the circle .Cut the circle out first from the oval shape and then oval shape from the paper.

3) Just fit the shape as shown . Folding the extended portion in the centre to form hands .Then , glue crepe papers to it.

4) Glue the smiley to the cup . Take a white tissue paper , cut it into half and fold it to form a small rectangle shape . Make a hole in the centre for the chain and stick it to the head . follow the same step to stick hair in the back of the head .Once it gets dried , cut the tissue paper to for hair for the smiley .

5) Stick a small satin ribbon on both sides for the smiley . Doll is ready .
Sending this to Shruthi's Artsy-Craftsy challenge Feb 2011 .


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Perspectivemedley said...

The doll is totally cute! great work :)

G.AruljothiKarikalan said...

nice one

Unknown said...

very creative

Ramvino said...

Wow!! very nice craft for kids i think!!

Unknown said...

:) cuteeeeeeeeeee

RS said...

The doll is very cute:)

Esther said...

Good one Shama! I love smily balls:-)

kannamma said...

Cute is definitely one word that pops when I read this post and no wonder all your readers have thought the same!
It is such a cute doll :)

Jaleela Kamal said...

very nice craft work shama