Sunday, 20 March 2011


Hope everyone must have well celebrated colourful holi . Let us celebrate Holi this whole month with this event . Hope everyone will enjoy this event .

Photo courtesy : Google

Rules :

1) Make any type of craft like drawing , sketching , painting etc related to holi .
2) Post it in your blog with this logo and link it back to this event .
3) You are welcome with your archieved entries and your own holi celebrated photos.
4) Send your crafts to before 15,April .

Wait for your crafts for this colourful festival .


Shama Nags

6 comments: said...

Such alovely event. said...

Poli looks really nice.My 1st viist here following your blog.Do drop by sometime.

viji said...

Thankyou dear for visiting my blog and the events invitation.
But I am sorry icannot participate now, because i am at Kansas my sons place and dont have any material other than needle and thread to do any of my craft.
i will sure do participate after once i reached Chennai, my native place.

Esther J Pragasam said...

Hi Shama,

Don't know why the updates from my blog are not shown up in reader. Will try to join.

Amrita said...

This is my very first visit to your blog, came here from "mindful meanderings. Is this event for grown ups?? or can I send my 11 year old daughter's painting?

Gayathri Anand said...

sorry dear , I am unable to send u entries this time ...My sons is not showing up any intrest in doing this time ...let me try my level best ...still one more day to go right .


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