Friday, 29 January 2010


This is the project which i made for my daughter's Transportation Day celebration in her school.This took one whole night .


Thermocol sheets -- 2 big size
Black colour sheet -- 2
Popsticks -- 1
Pebbles -4
Water colours

This picture shows model of ROAD TRANSPORT AND WATER TRANSPORT .

For roads,i used Black colour sheets , made Traffic Signal using Popstick , signal lights using colour cuttings from magazines .

For light house , i used waste invitiation card . I couldn't get a model of miniature of ship in a short time. So,i used cutting from magazine .For rocks, i used pebbles .

One more of this , bike cutting from paper .Popsticks showing signboard.

View from the top ,

This sheet shows model of RAILWAYS AND AIRWAYS .

For tracks , i used popsticks . For runway and helipad , i used black colour sheet .

Thank you friends for having a look of this .

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Gita said...

Looks great dear :)

Animisha said...

wow great presentation.
Think you might have gone to your school days.
I feel like am back to my school exhibition.
I think ur daughter is one of the lucky kid to have such a "Caring, and creative mother"

Devasena Hariharan said...

ur daughter shud be lucky to have a mom like u -:)

Chandrika Shubham said...

Nice looking. So colorful. :)

Nice collection of handicrafts. :)

YUVARAJ S said...

nice work shama!

keep blogging.

you can check my scribbles at:


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