Thursday, 8 January 2009


I received these photos through a forwarded message from my friend Bhuvana . I loved these pictures and information . Here comes them for you to admire.

1) Tiger's Nest Monastery , perched precariously on the edge of a 3000 feet - high cliff in Paro Valley is one of the holiest places in Bhutan

2 ) Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Mai , Thailand is unlike any Buddist Temples in the world .

3) Prambanan is the Hindu temple in Central Java , Indonesia . The Temple was built in 850 CE , and it is composed 0f 8 main shrines and 250 surrounding ones .

4) No one knows exactly when the Shwedagon Paya or Pagoda in Myanmar was built - legend it has that it is 2500 years old though archaeologists estimate that it was built between 6 th and 10 th century .

5) Temple of Heaven is a taoist temple in Beijing , the capital of China. the temple was constructed in 14 th century by the Emperor Yongle of Ming Dynasty .

6) Chion-in Temple was built in 1234 CE in honor of the founder of Jodo (Pure land ) Buddism,a priest named Honen , who fasted to death in the very spot .

7) In the 19 century , Dutch occupiers of Indonesia found a massive ancient ruin deep in the jungles of Java . What they found is the complex of Borobundur , a gigantic structure built with nearly 2 million cubic feet of stones . The temple has nearly 2700 relief panels and 504 Budda Statues .

8) The Harmandir Sahib (meaning the abode of god)----Golden Temple in Punjab,India . It is the most sacred of Sikhism.

9) The Temple of Srirangam ....Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple , Trichy . It is the largest functioning Hindu temple in the world .

10 ) Last but definetly not least is the largest temple in history and the inspiration to countless novels and action movies of hollywood -- Ankor Wat . It is the largest of all the temple but currently non-functioning as a temple .


Shillu said...

WOW! You have a beautiful blog here! Love it. The temples look soooooooo beautiful. You have an interesting background to your blog.


Gita's Kitchen said...

This is such a lovely blog Shama, I am not that good at handworks like you, may be I can learn something from this blog. I have added this one too to my blog list, so i can keep following it :)

Devasena Hariharan said...

HI Shama, U have a lovely blog. Though I dont know anything abt Handicrafts, urs master pieces look lovely.

More than that, the photos are a delight to the eyes.

Ikshaa said...

Hi Shama!!!
Its a very lovely post. Its so beautiful.Thanks for letting us know that there are so precious creations in this world.
Keep blogging :)

Spontaneous Mini said...

Lovely stuff happening here!! Happy to have come across you.

Aparna A said...
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