Sunday, 4 January 2009


This fairy set was presented to my daughter by her dearmost Madan mama and Priya athai . This set was provided with glues , colour stones , roses ,wings , crown and wand .

All you have to do is to design ur wings and wands with glitters and stones . She was wearing this on christmas . She was very happy to her wings,wand and crown . To wrap the wand , i used coloured decoration cello tape .

Your kids will definetly enjoy them . This is my first entry for Kids Friendly Crafts Event .

linking it up with Shruthi's Artsy Craftsy Challenge - Glitter for September 2012.


G.Pavani said...

really ur have great ideas in making crafts ...i liked it

Uma said...

looks good Shama!

yasmeen said...

Good job Shama! you certainly have a lot of creative ideas for crafts:)

Dr Sonia S V said...

How cute and adorable!


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