Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Sri Anantha Padmanaba Swamy is located on Ananthagiri hills which is 75 km from Hyderabad.It is a lovely temple to visit . It is a very old temple in which swamy idol is different from the usual balaji statue . Lord vishnu is in the form of Sri Anantha Padmanaba Swamy.
This temple have an underground way to Kasi . This temple was installed by Rishi Markandeya .
The main temple was built by hyderabad nawab . To know more about the temple CLICK HERE.

We had a weekend trip to this temple . It was a wonderful drive through the forest of Ananthagiri Hills . A must place to visit .

Front View of the temple , with huge statues of Lord Anjaneya and Lord Garuda .

This huge tomb is used to lit lights during festivals . They will place lights in each stone .

Very old ganesh idol in the entrance .

Lord Shiva(Lingam ) in the temple .

Statue of Nandi in the front of lingam shrine.

A stand to lit lamp in front of it .

Some forts in the hills ,

Fishes in the pond ,

Sending this to Jagurti's Joy of Cooking while travelling .


Gita said...

Dear Shama, thanks for sharing these wonderful information and pictures of this temple...my father went to this temple a couple of years back and he too loved this place :)

Devasena Hariharan said...

heard abt it, but have to see it.. love the pics...

Jagruti said...

Hey Shama
Lovely post with ovely pics! would love visit those beautiful places sometime in my life..thanx for sending it to my event..


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