Saturday, 20 February 2010


The major campaign that hit the headlines and all the screens in India is 'SAVE OUR TIGERS . Tiger is our national animal . It is a sad fact to know that there are only 1411 tigers left . They are nearing extinction . It is our responsibility to save them . What are we going to do to save them ?. How are we going to protect them ? .We can go do a small help . We , the bloggers , can be a small part of this awareness campaign regarding this issue.We can spread this information all over the world .We can post this issue in our blog , try in all ways to communicate this major issue to everyone .Each and every small word regarding this will help the tigers .Let us all join hands to 'Save our Tigers .

This is only of the click we took in Nehru Zoological park , Hyderabad , March 2009 :

You can have more information regarding this in and We celebrate our Earth Day on April 22 . We can take resolution to plant trees every year on this day with our friends , family members and neighbours . We can plant trees in our nearby parks .I appreciate all the playschools for celebrating Earth and Nature's Day to educate the Children about the values of nature . Act soon , let us all hope for the best .



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