Monday, 20 April 2009


Hai friends ,

Well and wish u all the same . Sorry for late round up.........There are 22 cute crafts ...........Thank you for participating ....hope u all had lots of fun .


I would like to present this cute award to all of you.........have more fun and happiness .

Cute crafts from our dear friend Anu .....

Quilling ganesha>/a>

Wall hanging by anu

Cute crafts from smart boy , Ashwin :

House :

Foam Cup Turtle :

Beautiful Aquarium from cute little friend , Janani

BeautifulGift Envelopes from our friend easycrafts

Here comes cute crafts from our friend AnuSriram




These are from our new friend Madhavi :

1.Gurjari Painting

2. Dream House

3. Quilling

4.Water color Painting on Paper Plate

5. Greeting Card

6. Wall Hanging using 3rd Glitter

7. Greeting Card -Oil Pastel Work

8. Miniature Vase of Quilled Flowers

9. Kusudama Flower - Origami

10. Wall hanging using Tissue Flowers

The following are the cute products from Our Friend Esther :

Tin Man :

Kitchen Tissue Holder :

Remote Organiser :

Gift Box from Me :


LG said...

OKie, I just missed the dead line. I have kept Akash's easter paper bag he made for carrying choclates. I will post it soon. All entries are beautiful Shama :)

Vibaas said...

nice round up..lots to learn :)

vidhas said...

Nice Round Up!! I will ask jannai to do something from this

Sanghi said...

Wow..! How many lovely entries..! Looks attractive and creative dear..! Good work..! I have posted after long break, do check out:)

Vidhya said...

Sorry Shama. I was busy with my wisdom tooth surgery so could not send you the craft. My girls made bunny rabit and i took a picture too. Sorry about that. Nice crafts :0

Akal's Saappadu said...


lovely roundup you've got here, love all of them, got beautiful creations along with your cute gift box :)

congratulations for the award and thank you so much for thinking of me and sharing it with me :) that's so sweet of you, got the tough task to share it with seven..... i'm a lazy girl you know???? :):) thanks anyway to you dear and sorry for the late reply as i was away for my holidays with my teddies and couldn't reply earlier, will check the rest of your posts (posted during my absence) tomorrow; keep good :)

Anu said...

Hi Shama,

I had sent my Paper Wall hanging and Quilling ganesha to ur paper craft event. Hope u received it.

Pooja said...

hi shama

this is the first time i'm visiting ur blog... i just love to do handicrafts..loved ur rangoli..
the next time i'm sure to participate in ur event !


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