Friday, 28 November 2008


Sending this to Illatharasi's Flowers with fabric event.


Empty CD Case
Satin Ribbons colour of ur choice
Golden colour blouse material .

I fixed these roses to the empty CD Case.....can be used either as wall hangings or as frame on table top.My photo frame in next post......still in process.........

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Sending this to Illatharasi's Flowers with fabric event.

Here comes my flowers,

One more set of roses with artificial fabric leaves ,


1. Take a cloth,cut them in rectangular shape.Fold one end of the cloth diagonally to make a triangle.
2. Place the cloth on a flat surface so the fold is to the right and the third point is to the left.
3. Take hold of the bottom corner of the folded cloth and start to roll it upward, slightly toward the left so you are rolling along the left hand edge. Make the initial rolls as tight as possible.
4. When you are almost to the halfway point, start to move to the right as you roll. Make the rolls a little looser from this point.
5. Continue rolling until the entire cloth is rolled up.
6. Use a safety pin or rubber band to hold the loose end in place – you will cover or remove this in a little while, so it does not matter how it looks.
7. With the folded edge still to your right, take hold of the two longest pieces of the roll that are positioned to the left. Pull them downward and outward so you are turning them wrong-side out; curve the ends back up a little bit so they form the outermost petals of the flower.
8. Pull, roll and fold the additional pieces to the left until they shape nice petals for the rose.
9. Halfway down the washcloth, use green ribbon to tightly tie the rosebud.
10. You may tie or glue green fabric leaves to the ribbon at the base of the flower if you like. If you use glue, make sure it does not get on the cloth.


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